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Distribution protection

PROTECT VERITAS commands expertise in web management and Intellectual Property (IP) law to help companies, individuals & organization protect their brands and products in the online marketplace.

Services offered by PROTECT VERITAS to IP Right Owners in respect to distribution are monitoring & detecting unauthorized merchandises' flow in the online marketplaces, in Europe and Worldwide (through eBay and other ecommerce destinations, like search engines, shopping channels price comparison sites).
On behalf of our clients we search for products offered for sale online outside the official channels. We investigate sellers and acquire samples of merchandise to allow Right Owners identify the weakness in the distribution chain.

We provide a comprehensive monitoring service that covers, besides eBay, other marketplaces and online shopping sites (search engines, price comparison sites, B2B marketplaces).

PROTECT VERITAS ensure full support to clients' lawyers in order to pursue further actions against violators.

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